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Truth or Dare? Copying in Exams Ep.1

Truth or Dare: Would you copy in exams?

My whole life can be summed up into a game of truth or dare. Either I follow the laws of being truthful or I take the courage to do the opposite (Hint: I am not adventurous :P). There were three such major incidents in my life so far that shaped me as an individual and have had a profound impact on my life. This story of mine is about one such incident when my morality was put to test. It’s about how I chose to stick to my principles and hence had to face the consequences.

The Introvert’s Diaries Ep. 3: The Inevitable Truth

The Inevitable Truth: Painting done by me. Oil pastel on paper

Hello reader! I’m back to blogging after quite a long time. Since the past month, I’ve not been keeping well, in the body, and hence, in the mind (or vice-versa, I’m not sure).  It was only yesterday that I had a stunning realization! We all try to escape from the truth all the time, only to face it a little while later, but with a hundred times greater intensity. This post is about ‘The Truth’: the ever-present, eternal enemy that even the mightiest of warriors is afraid to face.

The Introvert’s Diaries Ep. 2 | The Period Taboo | Women’s Day Special

The Period Taboo
Watercolor painting done by me

I remember the first time I got my period. It was 10 years back when I was returning from a bhajan (religious gathering) at my aunt’s home. I was nervous as well as excited for having started this new phase of life. It was only months before that we were educated at school about menstruation, in a one hour workshop held exclusively for girls. That was the most satisfactory one hour of my life. It cleared all my doubts and answered all my questions (that I had at that age) regarding periods. Questions that my mother wouldn’t answer until the ‘time comes’, rumours and myths that I heard from the whispers of young girls who had elder sisters, and the curiosity that aroused when seeing the sanitary pad advertisements on TV, before my mom would hastily change the channel without uttering a word, everything was answered in that one hour workshop.

The Introvert’s Diaries: Why I avoid going out with friends | Episode 1

me with a group of friends
This is me (on the right with the bun) with a group of people I met at an art event in Mysore. On the contrary to the post, I was completely at ease interacting with these creative artists, and I had a wonderful time. Can this be generalized that artists are weirdos in social groups but normal humans when among their kind?

Here’s the debut of my never-ending elaborate thoughts about my view of the world, an introvert’s view that is. It’s been only recently that I realized that I fall into this forgotten category of the human species: The Introverts. My inclusion into this category is quite contradictory because I am a shy person, while craving for attention and fame. I talk less, prefer solitude while in a group of people, but when I’m with a few people whom I care, I shamelessly voice out my rebellious opinions about the ways of life for minutes together, and sometimes I do long for a company to drain out my emotional outbursts when I’m alone. 

My New Year Resolutions 2018 | Work, Travel, Hobbies and more!

This is the first new year of my life that I have completed my formal education, and I’m no longer a student, which means, the excitement that we had as students for the new year, term exams (yes, I was a nerd!), summer holidays, festivals etc. is no more! I was barely prepared for this year and 9 whole days have passed already! Last year, I had made a video about my resolutions for 2017 and I’m surprised that I was pretty successful in maintaining and achieving most of my goals. Some of the noted ones include shifting to a bigger and entirely new city to pursue a design course! And reading books. So here comes my intricate list of new year resolutions 2018 edition!

I’m a strong believer in hard work and dedication. After a lot of clashes in my mind about the diverse fields of career that I could choose from, I stuck to what my heart said, right from the beginning: ‘Do something different, do what you love’. Here’s what I resolve to do in the year 2018: