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Cats in Moonlight | Oil Pastel Tutorial | Saminspire

Oil Pastel Tutorial Img
Oil Pastel Tutorial

Hello Folks! This is my first post after a long time. Last two months have been quite hectic and added to that, my mind kept changing its decisions about life and goals, however, recently I re-opened my eyes after we crossed a 10,000 subscribers on YouTube! It was my dream once upon a time which came true today. So, after realizing my added responsibilities and the idea of 20,000 eyes eagerly waiting to see my content, I came back to earth to pay a tribute and to once again continue my youtube journey. Here’s another oil pastel tutorial, which is most requested by many of my viewers. The video tutorial is at the end of the post.

How to draw ‘Love Birds in Sunset’ | Oil Pastel Tutorial

Happy New Year my dear readers! I wanted to start the year with my most requested content, which is oil pastel tutorials. In this oil pastel tutorial, I show you how to draw a serene painting which includes two love birds in a sunset background. Since Valentine’s Day is not far away, I wanted to do a themed painting to inspire my viewers to gift something that is hand made to their Valentine.