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How to draw ‘Love Birds in Sunset’ | Oil Pastel Tutorial

Happy New Year my dear readers! I wanted to start the year with my most requested content, which is oil pastel tutorials. In this oil pastel tutorial, I show you how to draw a serene painting which includes two love birds in a sunset background. Since Valentine’s Day is not far away, I wanted to do a themed painting to inspire my viewers to gift something that is hand made to their Valentine.

Oil Pastels used:

Mungyo Gallery Artist Soft Oil Pastels 48 shades

Paper used:

Canson water color paper A5 size

Colors used in the order of appearance:

  • Yellow
  • Golden yellow
  • Orange
  • Vermillion
  • Scarlet
  • Brown
  • Carmine
  • Black


  1. I first used all the colors mentioned above in concentric layers of semi circles.
  2. At this point, the painting looks very childish but fret not! Start by using the preceding color in the above order of colors, and apply it over the edges of intersection of the two colors. Eg.: Use yellow at the intersection/edge of yellow and golden yellow, use golden yellow at the edge of golden yellow and orange and so on.
  3. Blend the color in one concentric circle into the other, wherever needed.
  4. For the last segment, I used a mix of brown and carmine.
  5. Draw the grass using black pastel, starting from the bottom of the paper to the top, in one single stroke. For more thin and straight strokes, you can practice first on another piece of paper before heading over to this step.
  6. Draw two birds on top of two blades of grass. The beaks of the birds can be made thin if you use the edge of your black pastel. If your pastel is blunt, either rub it on a rough paper until an edge is created on one side, or use black acrylic paint and a brush (that’s cheating I know, but to achieve minute details with oil pastels, the canvas should be big 🙁 )


  • The border can be created using a masking tape. If you live in India, ask for paper tape in stationery shops. It’s very cheap (Rs 30) yet highly useful!
  • The final look of the painting varies from one person to another, depending on the quality of oil pastels, the paper used (the presence or absence of tooth in the paper), and patience levels 🙂
  • If you happen to re-create this painting, do share it with me in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram (@sam_inspire), as I would love to see your works! 😀

I hope this first oil pastel tutorial of the year helped you bring a smile to your friend or lover! Let me know in the comments what tutorials you would like to see next, while I’m going to go take a break to start my other new year resolutions. Check them out and let me know what are yours! 😀


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