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My New Year Resolutions 2018 | Work, Travel, Hobbies and more!

This is the first new year of my life that I have completed my formal education, and I’m no longer a student, which means, the excitement that we had as students for the new year, term exams (yes, I was a nerd!), summer holidays, festivals etc. is no more! I was barely prepared for this year and 9 whole days have passed already! Last year, I had made a video about my resolutions for 2017 and I’m surprised that I was pretty successful in maintaining and achieving most of my goals. Some of the noted ones include shifting to a bigger and entirely new city to pursue a design course! And reading books. So here comes my intricate list of new year resolutions 2018 edition!

I’m a strong believer in hard work and dedication. After a lot of clashes in my mind about the diverse fields of career that I could choose from, I stuck to what my heart said, right from the beginning: ‘Do something different, do what you love’.ย Here’s what I resolve to do in the year 2018:


  1. Since the advent of my online presence on Youtube as a content creator, I have sacrificed on sleep and exercise. However, this year I want to have a target weight and achieve it, without starving myself by following any stringent diets. I want to be consistent in my yoga practice and lose 4kgs and maintain my weight. As it so happens, I battled obesity a few years back, and I never want to fall into that darkness ever again.
  2. A complete ban on processed foods, as much as possible, which includes biscuits (yes, hide and seek too, which I usually have as a cheat food when I am sad or during menstruation), and chips (Kur kure surprisingly doesn’t taste good to me anymore!).
  3. Consume more of protein and calcium in my vegetarian diet.


  1. After a roller coaster ride for 4 years in my life, I started to believe in spirituality and was enlightened after a series of nightmares and reading few good books (Special mention to: Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda). I believe in meditation and all the miracles associated with it, however, I’m not able to get to the higher levels in meditation, due to lack of consistency. I resolve to meditate for at least 20min. each day from now (and keep track of it in my diary).
  2. I want to read the spiritual and holy book of Hinduism, called the ‘Bhagawad Gita‘ and unravel the secrets of life that are hidden in it, as renowned people have told.


My passion is creating, and inspiring others to do the same. However, this year I have to make tough choices to do the same. I would like to turn my passion into my career.

  1. I am glad to have enrolled for Master of arts in English Literature as a correspondence course from IGNOU. I wish to continue it with the same excitement that I had when I enrolled for it. I want to improve my vocabulary and writing skills at the same time.
  2. I have realized very recently the benefits of having a blog. I have always written my bottled up feelings in my diary. However, not long ago I told my classmate that I didn’t want my life to be inside a dusty old book in the corner of a library, which kept me thinking later. I could put good use to this blog of mine in sharing my thoughts with the world! And so I resolve to do that, at least once in a week, starting from today.
  3. Apart from my regular art and craft tutorials that I make on Youtube, I want to include a time lapse art journal section, where I speak my heart out about various unspoken topics, with my art being the visual interest, as I happen to have a larger follower base there.
  4. I want to be as active on Youtube and this blog as I can, with a minimum of 4 videos every month on my Youtube channel and 5 to 10 posts every month on this blog (5 including the tutorials that I post on Youtube in written form). I find that to become a successful creator on Youtube, we’ve to cut on our interests, and follow the trends instead. Though it’s not wrong to do so, but that was not the purpose with which I started, and hence I wish to continue to create in my own niche, and make it the trend instead! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hobby and Work:

Currently, I am pursuing a course in interior design, which keeps me busy in the remaining time that I happen to have. This however, shouldn’t stop me from picking up a new hobby and having fun. Here’s my list of hobbies for this year, that I want to pursue:

  1. Photography

    : I am thankful to have a basic dslr with the kit lens, which I use for filming my Youtube videos. However, I don’t want to confine to Youtube alone. I want to go out, breathe some fresh air, and take some pictures, and edit them as I choose, later. My amateur photography will be displayed on this blog as well as on my Instagram(@sam_inspire).

  2. Making Cartoons:ย 

    I want to make illustrations of cartoon looking figures and scenes, as cartoons are a much easier and fun way to communicate to the masses, than traditional methods. This also helps me in improving my content for my Craftosphere series, where my concept is fun crafts and target audience is kids.

  3. Writing:

    Since I was an introvert from my childhood, writing has always been my hobby. But as time passed, I seldom wrote. As mentioned above, I now want to start writing digitally.

  4. Cooking:ย 

    This is the part where I plan to discreetly insert this point in the hope that it escapes from being noticed by the weary eyes of the reader. I shamefully admit that I am afraid of the gas stove and I never learnt to cook (except twice) in my entire life till date. This year, I at least want to make an effort to observe the way my parents cook and make a note of it, whenever I come home for the holidays. (or note it in this blog :D) I also want to successfully light the gas stove at least once this year.

  5. Reading Books:

    Thanks to IGNOU, I’ll be reading quite a number of books this year, however, I want to read books outside my syllabus too. Currently I’m reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

  6. Stock Markets:ย 

    I want to learn to invest in stock markets this year, and practice doing it. They say that the earlier we learn this, the better we become in later stages because experience is the only teacher here.

  7. Watching movies:ย 

    I had to cancel mentioning TV shows in this list, because I know how addictive and time consuming they are (Having watched Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad!!). A movie gets over in 3hrs at the maximum, and it opens a plethora of creative ideas, should the mind be open to see them.Yes, I’m that girl who has to resolve to watch movies in a year, while there are people who watch plenty in a day! I do not like the idea of watching movies, but now I realize their importance, as they are good for conversation starters and small talks, not to mention the immense source of creative thought and expression! I don’t want to biased in the type of movies that I watch (English, Hindi or Telugu, animated, sci-fi or documentary). Let me know in the comments if you have any movie suggestions ๐Ÿ˜€

Miscellaneous (Travel, relationships etc.)

  1. Travel:

    I do not want to have any unrealistic goals that make me anxious, like going out to parties and get togethers, engaging in small talks etc. I am happy as I am, an introvert. Also, since I’m slightly insecure to travel solo, this leaves the possibility of me travelling to chance alone. Nevertheless, I have bought an Atlas last month to know about the different places and their geographies and to get motivated to travel. The two places that I’ve been wanting to visit since a long time are the infamous Taj Mahal, and Secunderabad, the latter being the place where a year and a half of my best childhood memories are associated with.

  2. Relationships:

    Here, I’m talking about romantic relationships, the subject which I have intentionally left untouched since the beginning of time, because I am a nerd, an introvert, and a perfectionist, the blend of these three making it impossible to find a correct suitor. However, as time passes, I now realize the importance of having a partner in life. Thanks to arranged marriages in India, I don’t ever have to worry about being single (sarcasm intended). I, once again, leave the possibility of finding my dream guy to fate alone, but this time I’m open to chances (I doubt if the chances of me travelling the whole world thrice is greater than this!)

  3. Newspaper Reading:

    I admire the people who know something about everything and who are up to date with the happenings of the world. News tells us where we stand, who we are and what opportunities are waiting to be unlocked in this world. I find it to be difficult but I will continue to read newspaper everyday (started last month).

  4. Being Grateful:

    With a boom in consumerism in the recent years, it has been easy to get carried away with this jaunty side of the world, in the hope to look beautiful, smarter and posh. Thankfully, I’m a little lagging in that race. I do not want to be a saint to completely deprive myself of the joy in having material possessions and comforts, but I believe in being grateful with what I have, and I want to remind myself of the same, especially during the times where this quality of mine is put to test. I insist all of my readers to do the same.

So these are my New Year’s resolutions and goals. Most importantly, I resolve to be a better, smarter, kinder and more knowledgeable version of myself.ย I hope that by sharing this article I have inspired you to create/ modify your list of resolutions. Let me know in the comments what your resolutions and goals are!

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