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DIY Camera Style Scrapbook Album Craft

In this post I show you how to make a magic camera scrapbook album which can store all of your precious memories!

The things I used for making the camera are as follows:

  1. 2 cardboard rectangles of size 10cmX14cm : These were cut from an old record cover of mine can use book covers or the corrugated cardboard from boxes for this purpose.
  2. OHP sheet: You can find this in any stationery shop, where they sell it individually too! (I bought this for 4rs!)
  3.  Black card stock paper: This one you can find in stationery stores, just ask them for black chart paper, or even better, ask them for ‘engineering drawing paper’ because these are used by engineering students in their drawing classes. These are the cheap and best card stock that you could find in India. One roll costs about 30rs.
  4. Scrapbooking paper: Although you could use cheap patterned paper, I bought paper pack, and so I used this paper. It’s really thick and it’s great for crafts like these.
  5. White printer paper
  6. Glue
  7. Cellotape
  8.  Skewer sticks: I sadly couldn’t find an alternative for these sticks. They costed me around 65rs a pack.
  9. Pictures that you love: Get the pictures taken from your phone printed at a normal xerox and printing shop. Do mention the exact sizes you want those pictures to be before getting them printed.


The procedure can be watched in the video below, but here are some tips that I would like to mention:

  • For cutting the card board, use a detail knife or craft knife instead of a scissors
  • For drawing a rectangle, use a set square and a ruler together to get a perfect rectangle. This is the step which is the trickiest for me, hence I use two large set squares for drawing the rectangles.
  • Between each step where you apply glue, give plenty of time (atleast 30min) for it to try. This is a very crucial step, especially for making the camera body.
  • For cutting a slit at the top of the camera, use a craft knife, and also a scissors (not shown in the video). First use a craft knife to cut a slit on the top of the camera, and then use a scissors to enlarge the slit.
  • Use your hands for cutting the skewer stick (the one we used to stick on the reel)
  • When using rolled paper at the sides of the skewer stick, make sure that you don’t stick the rolled paper to the camera itself. Doing this will prevent the skewer stick from moving and hence the reel wouldn’t come out of the camera. However, if it accidentally gets stuck, leave it till it’s completely dry and once it’s dry, spin the skewer really hard so as to separate the rolled piece from the camera body.


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